How to Get the Best Cleaning Insurance Quotes

Clianing insuranceInsurance quote is an estimated premium amount that is decided for you to pay in order to get potential insurance services. Different insurances prepare different quotes depending on the services or package you opt to choose.

What is cleaning insurance?

Cleaning insurance is protection against any property damage or employee injury that is caused by the cleaning services provided by your company.

Get a better idea about your requirements
1.    Does your profession cater cleaning services?

2.    Do your services cater to commercial or residential customers?

3.    Does your business ask for life-risking tasks, like cleaning glasses of a multi-story building or cleaning a septic tank?

4.    Do you clean expensive objects, like upholstery?

5.    Are these services accident prone? Do these accidents harm employee or a third person?

6.    What are the possibilities of getting caught into legal cases?

7.    What are the dangers associated, like inflammable cleaning chemicals may catch fire?

8.    How many quotes will you need according to the number of needs you want catered and protected?

Who are eligible for getting insured?

1)    Building cleaners and renovators

2)    Carpet cleaning/upholstery

3)    Chimney cleaning

4)    Janitorial services

5)    Maid services

6)    Septic tank system cleaners

7)    Street cleaners

8)    Swimming pool cleaners

9)    Window cleaners

What does it cover?

1)    Business owner’s policy (BOP)– that offers protection from all major property and liability risks in one package. This includes:-

a-    Property insurance for buildings and objects owned by the business owner.

b-    Business interruption insurance that covers loss of income against fire or other upheavals resulting from business services and operations.

2)    General liability insurance–that protects the insured from legal liabilities when a third party is harmed or claims that it is harmed by the company’s operations. For example, if a person cuts his leg due to broken glass that was damaged while being cleaned.

3)    Surety bonds – In Wikipedia’s words “A surety bond or surety is a promise by a surety or guarantor to pay one party (the obligee) a certain amount if a second party (the principal) fails to meet some obligation, such as fulfilling the terms of a contract.”

4)    Property insurance – Property insurance provides compensation for expenses of property and content in the event of damage or theft.

5)    Employee compensation insurance – Provides an employee medical benefits along with wage replacement in case an employee is injured during employment operations.  It is done in exchange of employee’s right to sue his/her employer for negligence.

6)    Commercial auto insurance – Protects you against costs of injury or damage of property caused to a third person in an accident by you or your employee in your commercial insured vehicle.

7)    Umbrella/excess liability insurance – Umbrella insurance refers to liability insurance that is in excess of specified other policies and also potentially primary insurance for losses not covered by the other policies.(Wikipedia)

Things to take care of,

1)    Vehicles are not covered by most cleaning insurances.

2)    Coverage of fire (since most of the cleaning chemicals are inflammable) must be asked for.

3)    Insurance for commercial and residential customers may vary. Ask for both differently is one does not cover the other.

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Get Your Hospitality Insured Today







Hospitality business is booming all over Australia with 26,000 restaurants and several thousand shops in the country. The industry is growing at slightly faster pace than overall economy. But, while the hospitality business is a hoard of profit, it also is subject to many risks.

Restaurants deal with several unexpected situations and difficulties every day, these problems range from theft to robbery, from accidental fire to natural disasters, and from burglary to general property loss. Thus, irrespective of the size of your business, we provide you a variety of helpful restaurant and shop insurances to keep your business growing even when something goes wrong by safeguarding your revenue.

Our insurance services are risk management tools that help you to handover the risk of loss to us. While there might be compulsory insurances like public liability, we provide many more beneficial as well as relieving insurances.

Work-safe Injury Insurance: Work-safe Insurance delivers an insurance cover for any employee getting ill or injured at work. This insurance is mandatory.

Fire and perils: Fire and peril insurance is schemed to protect the building, architecture, furniture and content from the damages by fire, lighting, explosion, malicious damage, earthquake, storm and water.

Burglary: This insurance is risk management tool against the loss or damage due to theft involving violent, forcible entry or loss or damage to stock etc.

Goods in transit: This insurance helps those who have their business expanded nationally or internationally. Irrespective of the national and international boundaries, ‘goods in transit’ insurance yearly covers the loss or damage to your property while in transit, either within the boundaries of Australia or overseas.

Products liability:
Product liability insurance is safety against financial loss which results from legal liability confronted by an insured due to loss or damage caused by product manufacturers or suppliers.

Our services of Restaurant and shop insurances are business risk management tools that are relied upon and trusted all over Australia. Choose us for a safe and protected business; for those wanting to safeguard their business as it matures.

Reasons to Hire an Insurance Broker

Though the power of internet has enabled all of us to go online and compare all insurance companies we heart to, yet it is highly recommended to hire an insurance broker for better outcomes. To know what you want over and above from where to get it is a tough job, especially when you have more than tens of options. Henceforth, it is advised to hire a broker.

Hiring a broker has many benefits.

•    Insurance broker will not work for the company but, you.

•    Hiring a broker will save both, your time and money.

•    The broker will know how to attend to your requirements with most suitable policies and schemes.

•    The broker can get you the best deal, while insurance companies can only offer you their products.

•    They are experienced professionals who can further guide you through the process of claiming insurances.

•    They are better informed about the latest changes in insurance policies.

•    They help you to approach insurance companies that you cannot approach on your own.

•    They provide full disclosure on commission, fees and effects on your insurance premium.

•    They deliver ethical conduct, complete transparency of information, unbiased advice and professionally responsible behavior.

Hiring an insurance broker can get you assured of making the right decision on which company to rely on. Having a broker is having a professional beside you to guide in every step of choosing insurance, making the right deal, claiming the insurance; all in your budget, with most suitable policies and most benefiting premiums.

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Compare Insurance Quotes Online

With the advent of internet and ongoing technological advancements, many Australian insurance companies are all over the net. With all promotions, everywhere, promoting several attention-grabbing insurance quotes online, one cannot keep away from confusion. However, when dealing with an insurance company, one must always be sure and certain of dealing with a genuine and legitimate company that delivers its customers right policies.  The best way one can opt to be assured and further re-assured to have chosen the right company to rely on, is to compare insurance quotes online.

Insurance quotes are the list of figures, mentioning the amount you are supposed to pay as your monthly/yearly premium for your insurance. The figures and amount differs from insurance to insurance, based on your age, gender, amount of coverage you’d like to purchase and the insurance you pick on. The right way to compare insurance quotes is online on websites that allow you to take a look at all genuine insurance company quotes. While, on one hand comparing all the quotes may leave you confused, comparing them abreast will help you make the right decision for yourself, i.e. to choose a company that offers the best policies and premiums.

There are many websites that let you compare insurance quotes cheek by jowl. Some basic tips to compare them are:-

Know what you want – The beginning of all searches is done only when you are clear about what you are looking for. You must know your and your family’s requirements and insurance needs to look for the company, schemes and packages that could serve you right. For example, if you need car insurance, you must be clear about the most probable damages that your car can undergo to set the insurance coverage.

Budget – You must compare the insurance that is effective while being cost-effective. There’s no use risking your finances in order to safeguard your revenue.

Renewable – It is better to consider an insurance that is renewable with increasing premiums. It gives an alternative of terminating the deal in case you find a better one elsewhere.

Take your time – Do not fall for the first best quote you read. The most effective comparison can only be done by looking forward to several schemes and packages that are being offered to you by different companies.

Look for details – Do not just look into the policies but also the reputation and legitimacy of the company. Contact the company if necessary.

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Claiming Your Insurance

While you might have been relieved after insuring your home and other personal properties, your insurance company might be planning on to act in bad faith by rendering your claims invalid; making an already bad situation worse. This can be done on several grounds, like:-

1)    Misinterpreting insurance policy provisions

2)    Denying your claims before conducting any proper investigation

3)    Failure in explaining you policy information

4)    Failing in implementing standards for proper investigation of claims

5)    Failing to pay undisputed claimed amount

While there are laws and regulations setting the code of practice, by   Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) by implementation of acts like Insurance Act 1973, the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 and the Corporations Act 2001; precaution is still better than cure.

In order to not get yourself into worse circumstances,

1)    Choose a reliable claim specialist for your convenience. Prefer a company that already has a good reputation and get into the details of its reviews.

2)    Read the provisions of the company policy and schemes carefully and thoroughly.

3)    Ask the company employees to give a detailed explanation for all its clauses.

4)    Know your rights as an insured policyholder

For those wanting to hire an unfailing and dependable insurance claim company in order to receive trustworthy and authentic insurance services.

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4 Rules to Stand By When Opting For Business Insurance

business-insuranceRegardless of the size of your business, to insure its safety is not only important but intelligent. In a world full of possibilities, the probability of something going wrong and putting your business at risk is consistent; practically (not pessimistically). To safeguard your business is highly recommended in order to protect property, revenue, theft, etc. Not getting it covered with insurance policy can bring you to the losing end; not having your business protected can cost you in several ways that are devastating and extremely damaging.

While it is important to get insured, what is equally important is to choose the right insurance scheme and policy that best suits your business. Here are 4 standard rules to stick to while opting for business insurance:-

Do not undervalue business insurance

No matter if the business you run is small or worldwide, all businesses are subject to risks. Natural disasters, fire accidents, property damage, and employee falling sick are some unfortunate circumstances that will completely disregard the extent of your trade when they hit it. You might also want to ignore insurance because of its cost; paying for risk management tool will not hurt as much as losing much more for not spending on it.

Compare insurance quotes

Do not fall for the first quote you come across. Compare several insurance quotes by different insurance providers in order to get what’s best for you. Be clear about what all you need to get covered in insurance and make sure the ideal package is delivered with beneficial premium. Pay focused attention to all policy clauses like expiry (or whole life insurance), renewable or not, monthly or yearly premium, etc.

Choose the best insurance provider

Know about the company as well. It is important to pick a company that is highly reputed and holds its reputation for dependability and legitimacy. Read the reviews or talk to a former customer if possible. Also, contact the company and take help from the employees to get your questions answered. Figure out the claiming process beforehand and read the clauses thoroughly.

Get yourself right business coverage

Study and learn about different types of business insurances while simultaneously identifying risks associated with your business. Find the insurance company that covers both.

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